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Your private library is an oasis from your bustling office and home.

A book can indeed be an object of desire. At Eastprint, we provide expert services to produce the finest luxury leather-bound books.

We use the best artisans, tanneries, materials, tools, papers, and inks we source from across the globe.
Our skills and services produce the highest quality custom books available anywhere around the world.
For custom leather-bound books, luxury book sets, fine books or rare books, no job is too small, too big, not impossible to complete.
We pride ourselves on the material of the binding, high levels of attention to detail to the finish to create a truly unique and special book.

We create custom collections from just a few books to entire private libraries for our customers. Law firms, doctors’ practices, colleges, universities, and rare book collectors: our luxury books deliver elegant and classic quality and craftsmanship to build the value of their collections. We offer many styles, stitching, and binding specialities to make your books last a lifetime. These make for beautiful gifts as well as completing your private library with exquisite stylishness. This includes the classics and literary classics with choice leather books production methods for the highest quality.

Custom publishing of the Quran and Holy Bible is accomplished for even the most discerning of clients: exacting standards and premium-quality materials, and case-bound leather books.

Custom leather-bound books are available for any project size.
For exclusivity and highest quality, full leather-bound books are not just for special collections and limited editions. Binding your book in a leather case will make it stand out on bookshelves and impress all who behold it. We offer detailed and beautifully designed book covers, bespoke printing and luxury leather-bound cases with high-quality craftsmanship. Our book specialists can help complete your request on time and on budget.

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