Cost effective digital printing in Poland. Best quality offset printing you can find in eastern EU countries.

Digital Printing

  • Cost effective for low quantities printing

  • Very high quality printing has become very important for the majority of companies worldwide. We recommend, in particular, digital printing, which is very convenient when any other types of printing (e.g. offset) are not quite cost-effective due to e.g. low circulation.

    The digital printing is a very modern, convenient and inexpensive printing method particularly for production of low and medium circulations. Therefore, the digital printing has been attracting more and more interest for a few years.

    The digital technology does not generate fixed costs associated with production, therefore, one can say that the so-called “minimum circulation” does not exist. We can also print an advance copy before the entire circulation is printed so that you can asses the quality and, of course, correct any errors until the production process is started.

    This method significantly shortens the period from acceptance to collection of the entire produce, which is very useful and helpful today in the whole world.

    We encourage you to cooperate with us in the modern and high quality production based on the digital printing.

Offset printing

  • Cheapest for large quantities of  high quality jobs

  • We feel very strong in this field. We print all book types in limp, hard-back and integrated bindings. Our suppliers are carefully selected and reliable Polish (but not just Polish) offset printing houses that maintain with us permanent contact, practically 7 days a week. Those printing houses have the state of the art printing machinery and highly specialised printing equipment acquired thanks to the subsidies from the European Union. Almost every week it comes to our knowledge that we have at our disposal more new printing plant and machinery.

    Our suppliers are specialists with long-term experience in the printing industry, therefore, their knowledge, which they share with us, is invaluable. Their experience and our coordination associated with the maximum efforts cause that our clients feel really cared of at every stage of order realisation. We put a great stress on your production to be accomplished in the shortest possible time at the lowest possible price.

    We permanently analyse any market novelties in terms of provision of the highest possible quality. Our efforts have won recognition of our clients, which has been proven by our cooperation with more than 1500 companies. Cooperating with more than 80 printing houses we are capable of job completion within a time limit that seems apparently impossible to be kept.