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    • We have great experience in working with customers from western European countries.
    • We have coordinated different printing processes taking place in Poland.
    • We are continually looking for new ways to increase the effectiveness of our work and to make use of modern technology.
    • We constantly monitor the market to make sure your money is spent properly and works for your benefit.
    • Our experience, engagement and creativity ensure us that there is no thing we couldn’t deal with and there is no problem we couldn’t solve.
    • In everyday work we put emphasis on reliability, high quality of service and good customer relations. We aim at providing our clients with economic profits, satisfaction and enjoyment.
      We want to be your business partners, not only service providers.

Meet Our Team

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    Łukasz Szymański

    — CEO & Founder
    • Sales
    • Project Management
    • European markets

    Lukas is the head and heart of Eastprint. He is responsible for production management and logistics. His role is to build good relations with suppliers ands ensure the highest quality of service and satisfaction for customers. He has strong relationships with printing houses, graphic designers and shipping companies.

    With his energy, great negotiation skills and perseverance he is able to negotiate the best price and timetable. “I am very lucky because I work with fantastic people who share the same passion and motivation for quality and delivery”.

    Lukas gained his experience in the USA where he worked for three years. There, he got to know the characteristics and culture of local companies as well as their unique approach towards customers. After his return to Poland, he worked for international corporations where he broadened his knowledge and skills in the fields of customer service and sales.

    He has led Eastprint to build relations with clients from the Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden and Ireland. He studies in Germany, working with people from all over Europe developing his communication skills which are essential for working in foreign markets.

    In his free time, he is collecting equipment for his bicycle excursion across the south of France.


    +48 690 88 55 11

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    Miłosz Chmielewski

    — Tech Lead
    • Quality control
    • Suppliers business partner
    • Technical advisor

    He’s a mixture of logical mind and a creative soul. Working as an IT specialist, Miłosz decided to change his scope of interest and learn new things.

    In Eastprint his skills are used in the fields of graphics and preparing publications to print. If there is an urgent need to change some files, he is able to react quickly so that the completion term and technical requirements of a printing house are fulfilled. Miłosz also takes care of packaging projects.

    In addition, he is responsible for IT support, which is essential as far as communication with customers is concerned.

    His free time passion is photography and recently the art of filmmaking.


    +48 690 032 005

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    David Reber

    — advice
    • Sales
    • German market
    • Advice

    David is responsible for the contact to our German partners. He is graduant Geographer, hobby biologist and mountaineer. While his travels in the past somewhere between Africa, Asia and the Americas he was doing all different kinds of jobs, collecting experience in several fields. His interest in the printing business he gained on a trip to Poland where he got familiar with the big opportunities of the printing business and the Team of Books and Catalogues. David is always willing to give you the best service and may advise you not only how to make your publication cheaper but also a high quality product.

    +49 1522 7780396

  • Wiktor Głowaczewski

    — Project management
    • European markets
    • English speaking


    +48 537 796 076

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    Yannick Wandel

    — advice
    • Sales
    • German market
    • Advice

    Yannick is taking care of our German partners and customers. He owns a degree in Social Sciences and recently started working as a Jounralist inspired by his studies in an outside the classroom. Enriched by his travelling and working experiences in Europe, Latin America and the USA, he aquired a broad understanding of people and their wishes. This makes him the ideal contact for our growing number of international clients.

    With his winning way you will find in him an engaged partner to discuss your productions – a guarantee for it’s sucess and your satisfaction!

    Yannick is a passionate musician and aspiring composer. So whenever he’s not working for you or reading a good book, you’ll find him in his studio or at a jam session.


    +49 152 3377 2897